Let's Begin...

I committed!

Well, every time I pray about committing to a read through the Bible I hear a confirmation from the Lord to do it and I ignore it. Such a big commitment I argue with Him! Once I make it official, there is no turning back. But He so kindly points out that I make time for Netflix, Candy Crush, puzzles, or sitting on my screen….and yet I just don’t “find” the time to be in His Word regularly. Ouch! He is also so quick to point out that without accountability I start lots of projects…and well…I finish few.

So here is my commitment and my accountability. I am setting up this blog for anyone who wants to join me. It will have a Reading Schedule in the menu that will allow you to click on the daily reading and for those who prefer to listen to it while getting ready or in the car, you just click the little speaker button. It really leaves us all without an excuse!

I am old, so I will be using an actual “Bible”….you know, a book. The schedule will be chronological! This way we can read His Story as History!

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