Let's Begin...

If you were given 8,784 hours…can you find 80 to read your Bible?

Many people hold the view that the Bible is a collection of ancient stories about people’s efforts to find God (this was my view for a long time).  After reading the Bible, I now know that the Bible is not an account of human efforts to find God, but rather an account of God’s effort to reveal Himself to humanity.

Some fun facts: 

The Bible is 66 books all inspired by  God.  He used 40 authors (yes there are books Paul did not write).  The Bible covers a time period of about 1,600 years.  The Old Testament  was written in Hebrew, the New Testament  was written in Greek.  The word Bible in Greek is Biblos, meaning “book” .  The word Testament means “Covenant”, or agreement.  So the Old Testament is a covenant with His people before Christ.  The New Testament is His agreement after Christ. 

The Old Testament books has: 5 Law books, 12 Historical Books, 5 Poetical Books, and 17 Prophetical Books 5 major; 12 Minors.

The Old Testament: Christ quoted from 22 OT books:  in Matthew 19 times, in Mark 15 times, in Luke 25 times and in John 11 times, (the book of Hebrews quotes the OT 85 times and Revelation quotes the OT 245 times!) so how does one read the New Testament without the Old?

So we are about to read 31,102 verses and about 775,693 words.  “Sources” say it takes about 80 hours to complete the Bible (they have no idea how slow of a reader I am) but I figured God is giving us 8784 hours this year to find only 80 to Read the Book He wrote for us.  I can do it. (.009 of my year)