Job 10-13

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I just read and here is “my” take home this year: In Chapter 1 we saw Job worshiping God through his customary sacrifice.  For me, that is like going to church.  It’s what we do to check the box for the week. Now I am seeing a whole new worship from Job.  Prayer, supplication (big word! I know…I just learned it last year…now I sound like those “churchy” people),  defending Him, digging into his own beliefs about God’s sovereignty.  Job’s worship looks very very different now that he is not #blessed (as Bruno Mars would say).  His faith is real.

Chapter 11 is short.  Zophar- the know it all!  (I am going to call my husband Zophar and see if he laughs)  Zophar thinks he knows everything and is blunt! That is why his chapter is so short.  Zophar is saying, Job actually deserves worse,  verse 6 and 11:

Know this: God has even forgotten some of your sin (6)

Surely he recognizes deceitful men; and when he sees evil does he not take note? (11)

I already said I was Eliphaz….someone else can claim Zophar!