Job 29-31

Job’s Final Defense

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Good morning, it’s Saturday and it does not matter where you live in this country…it’s raining today.  You are going to take the time to find your Bible (the hard copy, not the one online).  If you do not own one, please let me know in “contact” and I would be happy to buy one for you.  I bought my first one EVER in 2006.

Chapter 29:  Underline the pronouns: me, I , my….  Interesting.  Draw your own conclusion.  I think this reading is a recalling of his career.  It appears he may have had a political job or maybe a judge.  BUT the pronouns spoke to me.   Reminds me of a big mistake Moses makes later…(ha, or I make daily)


Chapter 30:  This was a contrast from the end of 29 ‘Then verse Now’  You will see it in verse 1, 9, 16).  As this is his final “defense”, he is back to where he began.  Read closely to really feel how awful, lonely and physically painful Job’s life is.  He is back to pleading his case before God.

Chapter 31:  Oh no.  This is where God got personal for me.  Picture yourself giving your account to the Lord.  I really am a decent person ‘most of the time’.   Right?  Let’s look at some of the promises I have made to the Lord:

  • Sexual Oaths: verse 1-12.  Even though I am happily married (except for last night when Todd was having hoverboard races with a bunch of kids in my kitchen at midnight which explains why this post is so late this morning!)  COVENANT WITH MY EYES.
    • My eyes may have led astray by a good looking person, a Netflix show, a detailed novel I was reading….(daily)
  • Social Justice: 13-23. I could comb through the New Testament for hours right now and pull scripture after scripture to know that I have failed at this!
  • Idolatry  24-28.  Making something more important than God.  Do I put God before my children, my money, my TIME of other things?  (Man, is it hot in here all of a sudden?)
  • Pride: 29-34.  I once heard the root of being discontent is comparing ourselves.  Isn’t that also true about PRIDE.  “If I was his parent…If I had their money…If I had…”   or   “let me tell you everything I have done for…..”  (insert emoji with green stuff coming out of my mouth)

We have ended the 3 rounds speeches on that…

Take a moment to write a small something in the margin of your Bible about how these 3 speeches have changed you.  Yes, changed you.  That’s what God’s Word does. (If you ignored me about getting out your hard copy Bible…write a small note and stick it to your refrigerator)

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