Job 38-39

Well, Job asked for a “trial” to plead his case.  So he finally gets to to take the stand.  However, I think in Job’s head this trial would have gone a little different.  He thought he was going to plead his case.  Instead, he is left speechless!

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Chapter 39: God begins with over 60 rhetorical questions that cannot be answered by humans.

Who? Where? Have you? Do you? Can you?

Does Job truly understand earth’s structure? The forces of the seas? Dawn? The depths of the sea and the gates of death? Light and darkness? Storm? The movement of the constellations? The control of weather? The understanding of wild animals?

Job’s turn to state his case:  ready for it??


The Lord replies:

“Brace yourself like a man; I WILL QUESTION YOU,  and you shall answer me”

I would have needed to change my pants!  God created the universe and all abiotic and biotic factors (trying to impress Ms. Lewis, my science teacher).  I think we forget who God is sometimes (for me,  all the time).  The question is not can he subdue or tame the Leviathan or the Behomeath,  referring to the most wild dangerous creatures of the world.  He doesn’t have to…He CREATED them!

If God is the omniscient Creator, does He really need to explain to us Why, as if we deserve it or are owed it, like He is our equal?  If we think He needs to,  then maybe we don’t trust his judgement like we thought we do?