Genesis 30-31

Only 2 chapters today.  Am I a terrible Christian for saying “yay” in my head.  I love the Lord but I haven’t watched Netflix since before Jan 1!

If you did not look at the post from last night you may want to.  I have a choice of cheat sheets.  These are good to write notes on as you read.  Did anyone notice that the line of Jesus comes from Judah and not Reuben?   It is not just because singing the “The Lion of Rueben” awkward,  some stuff is going to happen with Reuben, Levi,  and Simeon that will push the blessing all the way to Judah.

Here are his 12 sons:  Spoiler Alert: Jacob is going to have a name change: Israel.  You may have heard of the 12 tribes of Israel.  Well, we are reading the birth of the nations.  So here is another fun fact: Levi does not become a tribe…so how do we still get 12?  Oh I am unglued with excitement!

So let’s have this conversation- What is a concubine and why did God allow this?  A concubine is:

“woman acquired by a man as a secondary wife. Her purpose was to provide a male heir in the case of a barren wife, to provide more children in general to enhance the family’s workforce and wealth, and to satisfy the man’s sexual desires. A concubine was endowed with rights and protections by Hebrew law but was not equal in status to a wife. Although God provided rights and protections for concubines in the Law of Moses, God did not introduce or approve of this marital model.”

Leah: Reuben (see, a son) Simeon (one who hears), Levi (attached), Judah(praise), Isaachar (reward), Zebulun (honor)

Rachel: Joseph(God has added),  Benjamin (son of my sorrow, it changes)

Zilpha: (Leah’s maidservant)  Gad (good fortune), Asher (happy).

Bilhah: (Rachel’s maidservant) Dan (vindicated) Naphtali (struggle)

Leah did have a daughter: Dinah.  12 boys, 1 girl.  “Bless her heart” (In my head I tried my southern voice…it didn’t work.  I only know about 10 out of 300 of you awesome people so you may not know I have a NJ accent).

The two names you need to circle are Levi and Judah.  From these sons come two of the most crucial institutions of the old testament.  Levi-priesthood, Judah-kingship.

Let’s talk about the “weird” stuff and clarify it.

  • Mandrakes-these are a Mediterranean herb that grows flowers and small orange fruit.  When pulled out of the ground, the root can often look like a human.  These were thought to be an aphrodisiac,  as well as,  an aid for conception.   (My mom is a catholic Italian woman=superstitious, I am shocked she didn’t sneak these into my Sunday dinners since I didn’t start having kids till later than she preferred!) I was studying “via” text” with a friend and he pointed out last night Leah was temporarily infertile (v.30:9) and sent her son to grab some mandrakes to have another child and Rachel has yet to have any children of her own.  So this made sense to do.
  • Jacob’s mating rods-this too was a “theory” like the mandrakes but for animals. It’s been studied that some of the chemical properties of poplar bark and almond bark, when steeped in water,(it says Jacob put the stick IN the watering trough) have been shown to raise the reproductive rate of ewes. So again, it was like he was giving fertility medicine to the stronger animals. Chapter 31 will tell us Jacob had some advanced knowledge of which animals would be born due to him knowing which animals were breeding when he struck the deal. (Yet, Laban thought the deal favored his side).

Let’s clarify: neither the mandrakes nor the rods blessed Rachel or the flock.  God did!

Image result for teraphim

Vs:19 Rachel stole the household gods, called Teraphims.  These gods were idols, little statues,  that the family leader possessed.  Having them around the house gave them a sense of security, spiritual significance, as well as,  social/monetary meaning.  They were thought to advise them in times of need but also they were a part of family inheritance.  Back in vs 14,  Rachel,  when told by her husband that they were leaving Laban,  the first thing she said was: “What about the money I am to inherit” (paraphrase)  So did she take the idols because she was

  1.  mad at Laban
  2.  because she believed in their power
  3.  for the inheritance.

??  Either way, for the men out there….woman are smart…we use our menstrual cycle as an excuse  for many things!  LOL.


One thought on “Genesis 30-31

  1. When looking at the mandrake story, I also noticed Leah was trying to make her husband happy with her by having him more boys. But Jacob seemed to be neglecting her. After noticing she was infertile, she was even willing to trade her fertility medicine for just one night with Jacob.


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