Book Overviews · Exodus

Exodus Overview

Here is a quick overview of Exodus.  We will turn the page from Genesis to Exodus and over 400 years will have passed. The Hebrew title of this book is Shemot “names”, based off the first key work of the text.  The English title was given when Alexander the Great was translating the Bible into Greek and the scholars named the book from the theme,  Exodus.  The Exodus is a foreshadow of being delivered and redeemed from the bondage of sin, accomplished only through a substitute for your sin: the Passover Lamb: Jesus.

If you are not a believer trying to prove these events did not exist, let me help you.  Don’t gasp…I got this!  If you go to Egypt you will not find a single Egyptian source that these events occurred.  And if they had occurred,  then clearly there would be some writing on the topic? Nope.  None.   So there is your proof that these events never occurred.

But before you go, just remember that all temple inscriptions were to elevate and worship the deity of the Pharaoh. If they noted the devastation of the country and the defeat of their army that would be embarrassing not elevating.  Oh, also, in this very much superstitious time, written words were seen as “magical” and when written, the events were most likely to repeat themselves.  Contrary, if you omitted an embarrassing historical event,  it was like it never happened! (I would like to do that about my teenage years).

You would also have to ignore the insurmountable historical documentation and Egyptology findings that support the Exodus.  Ok, moving on.

As we read this book we will affirm:

  • Exodus teaches the sovereignty of God:
    • “Sovereignty” is the attribute of God that expresses the fact that He is the ultimate ruler of the universe. There is no one higher in authority than He. As “Sovereign,” He has all power. ”  We can see God’s sovereignty clearly in His superiority over all the so-called “gods of Egypt.”
  • Exodus teaches the salvation of man:
    • Exodus teaches that God provides salvation for man. Man does not provide it for himself.


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