Chapter 16: Let’s look at where we are:

Exodus map.jpg

  1.  We left Goshen
  2. Succoth- where the Lord began leading with a cloud by day and fire by night,
  3. Pi-Hahiroth-where God parted the Red sea
  4. Marah- meaning bitter, this is where God changed the water from bitter.
  5. Elim-12 springs and 70 palm trees
  6. Wilderness of Sin-God provided their daily needs.

The Lord is leading us the long way to the promise land for a reason.  🙂

Manna- means “what is this”.  I KNOW you can all slip this into your day…when my students hand in a paper today without their name on it I am going to yell MANNA!!

The Lord gives instructions on what  it tastes like and how to collect it.  I am not going to preach because I am GUILTY for everything I would be saying but he took the time to discuss greediness and hoarding.  Within a day,  we see  no matter what people are commanded to do,  we do not obey.  Also, the Lord spoke of the Sabbath which is such an important part of building our relationship with the Lord.  Let me ask you, since you have taken the time to read his Word and sit with just Him,  do you have a closer relationship with the Lord?  I do. “insert heart emoji”

Manna is Israels’ food for their journey.

Jesus is our mannah.

John 6:35 “Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”

John 6:32 Jesus said to them, “Very truly I tell you, it is not Moses who has given you the bread from heaven, but it is my Father who gives you the true bread from heaven. 33 For the bread of God is the bread that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.”

Jesus is the only food for our journey towards our promised rest. (trying to keep this post short for anyone catching up, so moving on…but feel free to dig a little on this)

Chapter 17-  This is kind of a big chapter for me and you will see why when we get to Numbers 20.  The two are connected and I got so mad (at the Lord…gasp!) that I walked across the street and threw my Bible on Rachel Lovingoods house and said “YOU CAN KEEP THIS “stuff”, but I think a different word was used).  I will explain in Numbers. But the area they are in has an enormous amount of limestone that holds pockets of water.  The Lord gives specific instructions SO THAT the people will recognize that the water being provided is from the Lord, not Moses.  (feel free to journal about living water today and the references in the NT).

Anyway, look back to your map up top: Rephidim.  Was it just me or were you reading and thinking…did I miss a page?  All of a sudden we went from a picnic with manna and water to someone named Joshua and am attack.

Amalekites: Flip back to Genesis 36:12.  I am sure you did not skim this page at all…who is the grandson to Esau and his concubine?   Oh my stars!  The Amalekites will be a thorn is Israel’s side often but eventually God will wipe them off the map as promised.

Joshua.  Suddenly we see this name and we know he must be pretty important if a book is going to be named after him.  Joshua is Moses’ assistant.  God takes this opportunity to show Joshua that without the Lord (represented by the staff), you can do nothing without Him.  Joshua is going to need this lesson because what he does not know yet is he will be the one to bring the Israelites to the promise land.  Only 2 adults live to tell the tale of being in slavery and being an eye witness to the Promise Land!!   The only battles that will be won in the Bible and in our lives are the ones that Jesus is fighting for us.

I am not writing this to interpret this passage, the scriptures do that.  But I urge you to seek application to your own life.  The battles will be won by the Lord we  solely rely on Him.  We must be dependent on him for our needs (bread and water) and the battles we face. The people in our lives merely support the mission by holding up God (the staff) in front of us.  Did the staff actually strike the enemies down, or the trust and faith of it?  When the battle is won an altar was made  and named “The Lord is my Banner”. Banner in Hebrew means “standard”.  He is The Standard!

Chapter 18: Back in Chapter 17:14 we see here the first reference to “writing the Bible”.  In 18:20 “Teach them the decrees and instructions and show them the way they are to live and how they are to behave”.  The Lord has begun setting up future events where Judges will be called up for His purpose and Glory.

These chapter may have appeared boring but they have some cool findings if you want to dig.  What were the tribes of Joshua and Hur (not the same), and why is it  significant to the coming of Christ?  What are the Hebrew names for cities?  Where did Jethro reside that made his proclamation to only One God a big deal? What does the name Joshua mean in Hebrew,  and how is he a typology?  My precious husband tells me the blogs are too long so I leave you here.

Can I just give a quick testimony: I was attacked on Social Media yesterday. It was pretty rough.    If it were not for me being in the Word and all of you praying for me, I would not have kept to his teaching on chapter 18 “how to behave” and would have disputed the issue.  But I will not because the battle is not mine to fight.