Leviticus 24-25

The connection of these instructions are to show that they were to worship and serve Him every day of the year, not just on appointed days. The daily burning of the lamps, and the showbread represented the daily sanctification of the people to their God.  These “lamps,” which were “on the pure gold lampstand” in the holy place, burned “continually” throughout the night, and the priests refilled them daily

Blasphemerr: This was like a ball out of left field.  I mean,  we are sitting here reading about Atonement and Sacrifices and then all of a sudden BAM we are stoning a Blasphemer.  Blashemy means:”a speaking ill, impious speech, slander,” to speak evil of.”  This event was a warning to the people of the seriousness of sanctification, just as the death of Nadab and Abihu was a similar warning to the priests. The “Name” referred to was “Yahweh,” the name by which God manifested.

The legal principle of limiting retaliation to retribution  (an eye for an eye) is called the “law of retaliation”.  In ancient Near Eastern culture, people commonly took excessive revenge.  God limited the amount of retaliation that His people could take. Before the Mosaic Law, “the code of Hammurabi”, property was often considered more important than people; property offenses such as theft were capital crimes.  In Israelite law, sins against the family and religion were most serious.

Chapter 25 concludes the laws that God gave the Israelites on Mt. Sinai. These laws regarding the Promised Land correspond to the laws Moses previously gave regarding the people of Israel. God owned both the Israelites and the land He was giving them. God taught them that He had authority over their space as well as their time and their lives. The land they were to possess belonged to God, just as they did. Therefore they were to deal with it as He specified. The laws in this chapter, which deal with the Sabbatical and Jubilee Years, focus on the restoration of the land to
fruitfulness after periods of use. These laws,  are positive, designed for the welfare of the Israelites. In fact, all of God’s laws are for the welfare of His people

Sabbatical Year: I can tell you now that years ago God pushed me to do this.  I was struggling with being a “good mom”.    We live in a culture where we really are too busy!  The days of eating at the kitchen table are left only for holidays.  One day I announced “we are taking a break”.  We did not enroll in 1 sport or club after school.  Little by little we entered back into the world of busyness but not to the point where we were.  It really was a turning point for our family.

As God ordered the people to rest every seventh day, so He ordered them to let the land rest every seventh year.
By resting, the people renewed their strength, and rejuvenated their productivity in His service. Just like a Sabbath day.

The Year of Jubilee (such a fun word to day “Jubilee”)- Anytime you hear the word redemption in scripture should catch your heart.  Before we dig into Jubilee let’s just take a minute to remember not who we are but….Whose we are.   When we are Redeemed we are going BACK to the Lord.  We were separated when sin entered the World, but there was always a plan of Redemption, Jesus.  We may have been separated from God, but we were  always His.  Just like the land, it always gets returned to the original owner.

Jubilee is a year of Restoration for ALL! Rich , Poor, Enslaved, in Bondage…All.