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Numbers Overview

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The Hebrew title of this book is “Bemidbar”-In the Wilderness.   As noted earlier, when the book was translated (Septuagint) the English title became Numbers because the book lists two sets of census lists.  I am going to warn you, God’s treatment of the Israelites is much more sever in Numbers than in Exodus.  In Exodus, He rescues them and pours our grace time and time again.  In Numbers, He justifiably holds them accountable for their lack of trust.

This book begins right where Leviticus ended, at the base of Mount Sinai.  The Law has been given, the tabernacle has been built, the priests have their jobs, and we are ready to now go forward to the land flowing with milk and honey, the land that was promised to them by God himself.  He now wants them (us) to trust in Him.  Sounds so easy.  So as we move forward we are going to be so tempted to say:

“What is wrong with these people??”

When you are tempted to say that (like me), that’s where your own application will take place.  What is God saying to you?? (Other than what is wrong with you? Why?)

The next two weeks we will cover about 40 years and about 220 miles.  A distance that should not have taken that long to travel! (can you relate)

This is a great time to jump in if you are behind or to invite a friend to jump in.  We start tomorrow and will finish Numbers on March 10th.  (February 29th will be your catch up day if you need it)

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