Deuteronomy 8-10

I know right now many of us are overwhelmed by the news and social media.  I do think it is important to stay on top of Covid-19, but I would hate for the enemy to use that (or anything else) as a tool to get you to fall off this Bible read through.  So keep track of how many hours you spend on that verse being in the Word this week.  It might shock you.  I looked at the stats on the website and it resembles the Stock Market.  IF you are behind, use this weekend to catch up.  I will keep my posts short so you can catch up.

Chapter 8: This chapter is bookended in verse 2 and 18 with the word “Remember”.  Think back to all the times we read “And the Lord remembered….(insert a name)….and He….”  The word remember is followed by an ACTION.  Read this chapter carefully, Jesus uses this part of His speech when confronted by the devil in Matthew 4:4. (One of the most important things I learned is that the devil knows and uses scripture to manipulate us, so we need to know it too if we are going to stand against him daily).

Chapter 9: Obviously I love chapter 9 for so many reasons!  He carries us NOT because of our righteousness but because of HIS.  By the way,  I never noticed how long Moses lay prostrate before the Lord each time!  I have to reflect on that and my own pitiful prayer habits.

Image result for moses laying prostrate

Chapter 10: Oh stars I said I would keep this short!  10.  Read it word for word!  Underline all the cool new findings this year that God has revealed to you that you may not have picked up on this time last year…put them in the ark….acacia wood…set apart the tribe of Levi! (If you read ONE scripture and think…I don’t remember that, ASK us to talk about it in comments.  (Please….I am bored!)

Verse 12-22

RHETORICAL QUESTIONS ARE MY FAVORITE!  “What does the Lord ask of you??”

  1. Fear the Lord
  2. Walk in Obedience
  4. Serve the Lord with all your heart
  5. Observe HIs commands

The Lord is Great, Mighty, and Awesome.  He shows no partiality, accepts no bribes, defends the fatherless, and loves the foreigner. (I think if all the times in college after a frat party I tried to bribe God “If you make this spinning go away, I promise I will….HE ACCEPTS NO BRIBES!)

Homework: what does verse 16 mean:  Circumcise your hearts,