1 Chronicles

1 Chronicles 3-5

For chapters 1 and 2:  I posted genealogies and I am not sure anyone liked them as much as me. So the only one that I need you to look at today is this one, it is the whole purpose of the chronicles.  David….to Jesus.  If you did not print it, click here.

If the focus of this book is DAVID as the Covenant line that will bring the Messiah, look at the top—Jesse.  Does Jesse ring a bell?  Kind of? (It is ok to say NO, we are taking in SO MUCH INFORMATION THIS YEAR).  You can find him on many of the handouts so far, but here is the cool answer: Remember back in Genesis Judah went and slept with what he thought was a town prostitute (it was really his widowed daughter in law) and did not have any money so he gave her the “Scarlet Cord”.  At the time I talked about following that scarlet cord to Jesus…so in today’s read we begin with the Sons of David, but it is important to see verse 9,  TAMAR (a female) is mentioned!

Image result for biblia jesse padre de david | Bible family tree ...

So back to the David Visual: we looked at Jesse (top)- now follow the line to REHOBOAM-Solomon’s son and then his son ABIJAH.  Look at the list of kings below.  You don’t have to understand this just yet BUT YOU WILL!  So cool. (no need to print it, I have better ones when we get there) From what we read in 2 Samuel so far the Nation as a whole is a hot mess and they are fighting each other even though we are a Monarchy (starting with Saul).  They are going to divide, kind of like the United States did in 1861 (but sadly, not both sides will survive the split).

The RIGHT side should match starting in verse 10-16 today.  We have not read Kings yet, BUT I bet you can guess which kingdom does not survive the split (the one without the Covenant).


Suddenly we have Jabez and his prayer:



There are other names in the Judah clan you might recognize such as verse 13: Othniel, the first Judge and verse 15 Caleb (the spy).

In chapter 4 it is not surprising we find a short genealogy of Simeon.  Simeon wasn’t supposed to receive land (from when he avenged Dinah’s death with the massacre at the circumcision. But Judah let them have some of theirs. Look familiar?

Map of the Promised Land

But in Judges, Simeon cooperated with Judah so they sort of became one tribe for a while.

Chapter 5: Look at the map above again.  We now read about the 2 1/2 tribes on the east side of the Jordan River “Transjordan Tribes”. Reuben, Gad and 1/2 of Manasseh all have genealogies but statements about their failures and victories.

Don’t forget your Jabaz assignment!