Sunday Night

So you made it through the hardest part of the Bible….The Law!  As Summer begins and the weather gets nice it actually gets harder to stay on schedule.  Make it a commitment!  Carve out 1 small portion of your day: first thing in the morning, while eating lunch, before bedtime, hiding in the closet, sitting in your car….it doesn’t matter where or when: God will be there. If you are very far behind…just jump in!  I added a new sidebar to the column at the top (if you are on a laptop) to make it easier to catch a missed read OR to read ahead if you know you have a busy week. The week at a glance: since we are toggling between so many books I thought this would help.

You can always find the readings by month (if you are on your own schedule….that is code for behind)

And my personal favorite…the visuals.  I always have them embedded in the post, I will try to keep up with posting them here too.  😜

We are pretty deep in some Doctrine.   Please always ask questions.  This is a blog of strangers, I think everyone thinks they are the “odd man out” when truly I know very few of you so there is no pride in asking a question.  I have and still ask some basic ones to the ones that help me.  If you really just need to text me, please do…615-418-9377.

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