Proverbs 16-18

Read today with a soft heart.  I was reminded last night that Solomon asked for 1 thing…Wisdom (1 Kings 3).  What would you have asked for? I am going to be real:  I would ask for a self-cleaning house or an unlimited ATM card or for my children to live long happy lives….BUT God wants us to live life abundantly!  You are at a crossroads…choose 1:

  • Read or listen to today’s reading, check it off your list, go about your day
  • Pray, think about what you are reading….this is the WISDOM.  Read them, take some notes so that you can APPLY them.  The scripture says it will straighten your path!!

If you read these and you see a “theme” to a few of them, circle them and reread those later today.  Maybe you need to put them on flashcards and use it as a bookmark.

If you read one and are like “Oh my stars”, I want that to look at every day”, tell me in the comments and put the word “Art” next to the Proverb and I will make you a special bookmark and mail it to you.  ❤ 

(I made this a short post because my daughter’s boyfriend said my posts were too long) 🙊