One thought on “1 Kings 7 and 2 Chronincles 4

  1. I was in an argument once with a guy over the idea of the more “traditional” church look, vs. the more “modern”

    Traditional meaning- stained glass, pulpit, mourners bench, etc.

    Modern meaning- stages, seats instead of pews, production lights, etc.

    He was losing his mind because the church I went to didn’t have a mourners bench, and how far they’d moved away from a traditional look.

    I had a note in my study bible at the bottom for 1 King’s 7:40-47
    “Huram’s items of bronze would look strange to us in today’s churches, but we use other articles to enhance worship…..
    While the instruments and furnishings of worship may change, the purpose of worship should never change- to give honor and praise to God.”

    I found that last part interesting… A lot of folks get caught up on how much different the new churches look, but we’re a long ways from Solomon and David’s design. Lol

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