If you are not reading BUT you attempted or started or fell behind- Can we talk for a minute?  Even if you are still reading we need to look at this from God’s perspective not ours.  As the Summer ends I reflect back on what was a very hard read.  First, I didn’t understand half of it and second making the time to do it.  The summary of the summer read was “God was begging the Hebrews to follow the scriptures”.  There was NEVER a point a point where He said “you are so far behind or you can’t jump in”.  But they never did…so as they lived their life they putting everything else first (yet had no problem having a scripture on their wall from Hobby Lobby).   We do that.  I do that.  2020 is an epic year, no doubt about that. News flash…the second half of 2020 is going to be worse than the first.  It is SO hard for me not to talk “current events” in our daily read (I text people about it, but I don’t weave it in here).  It would be very easy for me to read this summer and think “That’s why we are in this position…look at the scriptures…all the crazy people around us”.  Can I offend you for a minute??  A very small part of the prophecy books were about the surrounding nations (yes, he will deal with them) but MOST of the prophecy was directed at HIS PEOPLE-Israel and Judah (the church).  These prophecies are begging HIS PEOPLE to follow the scriptures.

In Genesis 3 God sacrificed an innocent animal as a substitute for Adam and Eve.  He offered a replacement for their death.  The innocent animal in short “took one for the team”.  In return He said “Know Me”.  Well as we kept reading not one person in the Bible was flawless-actually MANY of them were a hot mess!  But He was with them.  Just like a good parent, God said “I will be here for you ALWAYS, but if you break the rules I have to let natural consequences happen.  So here we are at Isaiah 40.  Natural Consequences…BUT He is still with them.

So now what?  God still gave us a substitute for our death.  Jesus.   I don’t way lightly He took one for the team, but he did.  We are on the heals of reading Isaiah 53 where you will see just how awful the moment of the Cross was for Jesus.  I pray when we read it together you are a mess all day over it.

We are ending the summer with a King named Hezekiah.  He was a rare king because he actually read the scriptures which caused a revival!!  He jumped in and said “hey…this applies to His People, not the people surrounding him”.

So tomorrow we begin the turning point for Isaiah-it is the equivalence of turning the page from the OT to the NT.  So be Hezekiah.  Below are some visual so that you don’t feel lost as Cooter Brown (I know southern people know what I am talking about when I say that)

Take a moment and review this timeline below:  Click here if you want to print it.  Find HEZEKIAH 726…😃  I think if anyone looks at this and is confused it is in the 3rd line.  So we know God made a promise to bless all the nations through Him.  Well, in 980 the 12 tribes of Israel (Jacob’s sons) are in a dispute over taxes.  Regardless of whose side I would have taken (Jeroboam-because I have being over taxed) the Covenant ran through David’s line. (Crap, I totally would have been on the wrong team…well if I knew the scriptures I would have picked Rehoboam.. so I would have tossed a coin).

God sends Prophets that warn them to get back on track or I have to let natural consequences happen (because I love you).    God is so patient and slow to anger he gave them about 260 years to mull it over.  Well, they never did so He orchestrated a horrible county called Assyria to take them out of the Promised Land.  (heartbreaking after all the work they did to get there!).  Gone!  Done!  Well, Judah is watching and probably thinks “Well, we have the Cross, that won’t happen to us”.  “Well, we have the Davidic Covenant, that won’t happen to us.  (Ummm God doesn’t need anyone to fulfill His promises.   On the contrary!!  It will Happen!  But God never breaks his Promise and some will “survive” called the Remnant people…to fulfill what he told Abraham back in Genesis 12- All nations will be Blessed through you”.

We ended chapter 1-39 with the PURPLE lines already happening.  Assyria captured Israel. The last line of chapter 39 was the prediction of the fall of Jerusalem to Babylon…The Green Lines.

Assyrian & Babylonian Captivity & Exile of Israel & Judah Map


Here is a view that might make more sense now than when I first posted it.

30. Understanding the Writing Prophets




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