Lamentations 1:1-3:36

Good Morning.  I woke up with a “pressure headache” I think from the storms coming in.  As soon as it goes away, I will read. I am just not absorbing anything in my brain.  For my morning readers or for those who listen in the car on the way to work…here you go. Chart at bottom should help.


3 thoughts on “Lamentations 1:1-3:36

  1. I was researching the last statement from chap. 3 vs.26.. and I read this comment on it from my Bible app and thought I would share it today..I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and I hope you feel better Trish.

    Despite the affliction he is facing, even though his soul is at such a low point and he feels hurt and downcast, he still finds hope in the Lord. We can acknowledge the terrible things going on around us. We can acknowledge how they make us feel and acknowledge when someone messes up. It is okay to make mistakes and call other people out for their sinful mistakes, let them know it isn’t okay. That’s how we help each other, by acknowledging our faults and growing. It is okay to feel upset and downcast that isn’t a sin. Jesus gave us emotions and feelings. Jesus expressed His emotions and feelings! We can too. And we can hope in the Lord at the same time! Its what gives Jesus the ability to shine His light through our brokenness and our broken situations! And its beautiful!

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  2. To end Jeremiah I found it crazy to me there was only 4,600 people in Judah.
    As the nation of Israel under Solomon, I just imagine this huge vibrant nation, overflowing in wealth, etc.

    Then we start Lamentations with:
    “V.1 how deserted lies the city, once so full of people. How like a widow is she, who was once great among the nations.”


  3. Chapter 2 really brings to mind “the wrath of the Lord.”
    And we read a bit in Jeremiah about “the full cup of the Lords wrath.”

    Not really a popular topic to preach on these days if you’re in the largely evangelical church…
    But make no mistake folks, because of our sin, we DESERVE the full cup of the Lords Wrath…. But Jesus took the cup! And because of that, if you REPENT, and turn your life over to him, you will be saved…

    You usually hear of “turning your life over to Jesus.”
    But don’t forget the “repent” part

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