Quick post because I was struggling…I thought you might be too. If not…KUDOS!

(Post #2 of the day) There will be one more after I write the Joel Overview for tomorrow.  Suddenly,  as we get back to the “new normal” we find ourselves busy!  What doesn’t help is we were reading a very hard book!  I felt “dry” this month and not motivated.  If you read my post this morning I am feeling refreshed with the Living water.  So if you fell off in Ezekiel (or before) here are some videos if you choose to watch them.  If you just want to jump in with Daniel it will be OK!


Here is a view of the rest of the month:  We END the Old Testament.  Start thinking of that friend you want to invite to read the New Testament with you and make an accountability partner.  (you don’t want me….I am brutal!  Just kidding, I am not!)

Sep 13: Joel
Sep 14: Dan 1-3
Sep 15: Dan 4-6
Sep 16: Dan 7-9
Sep 17: Dan 10-12
Sep 18: Ezra 1-3
Sep 19: Ezra 4-6; Ps 137
Sep 20: Haggai
Sep 21: Zech 1-7
Sep 22: Zech 8-14
Sep 23: Est 1-5
Sep 24: Est 6-10
Sep 25: Ezra 7-10
Sep 26: Neh 1-5
Sep 27: Neh 6-7
Sep 28: Neh 8-10
Sep 29: Neh 11-13; Ps 126
Sep 30: Malachi

The END! (nope…an intermission)

3 thoughts on “Quick post because I was struggling…I thought you might be too. If not…KUDOS!

  1. I am little behind, but will get fought up this next week, but can I just say reading the part in Ezekiel 10 when His Spirit left the temple-I could almost feel His sorrow not only from the people not coming back to Him..but knowing what was coming. Then reading chapters after that where He just destroys His promise land and the people in it and even Egypt, you can feel the anger. This book has given me such a deeper relationship with Him. I am loving this study!!..thanks so much for all of this.


  2. It should not be a surprise to me when you write where you are at, and I find myself in the same place but it still does! Thanks for keeping it real as the saying goes! Love you Trish, I look forward to every post you make! I’m really excited to get to the New Testament!


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