The book of Philemon

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A large portion of the letter addresses the Roman practice of slavery, specifically in the life of a man named Onesimus. This man was a runaway slave of Philemon, a church leader in Colossae.

Paul’s letter to Philemon includes five main parts:

  1. An introduction (1:1–3),
  2. encouragement to Philemon (1:4–7),
  3. a request regarding the runaway slave Onesimus (1:8–16),
  4. a pledge to Philemon from Paul (1:17–22),
  5. and a brief conclusion (1:23–25).

(I listened to the book, I loved it when Paul said “Get my room ready…I am coming to visit)

When you think about the purpose of the letter don’t think of the people but think of God’s character.   What is the purpose of this book?

  • Respect
  • Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Care
  • Protection



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