Job 40-42 The End!

I have drafted 4 different posts for this read.  Each one I  sounded like I was Eliphaz, Bildad, or Zophar.  So in the end I deleted them (I wish they had…this was a long 2 weeks).  We have chosen to read the Bible, not to be in a Bible study.  We don’t need a commentary, or a video, or workbook.  God’s word is all we need.  Last night I was texting with Lucas, an accountability partner, on my “take” on God’s response.  If I shared my thoughts it might take away from what God wanted to say to you.  So I won’t.

Here is the reading 

I pray that you read this book and walked away different.  If God is in control, do we need to question “Why”.  As a human, I always will.  What I walked away with, it is OK to ask why.  It is not OK to demand why, or to seek other sources of authority to try to figure it out.  But I know in my heart that I may not know the reason for everything that happens, but when I am listening to God, I have a Peace about all circumstances.  When I listen to anyone else I am unsettled.

 My ears had heard of you
    but now my eyes have seen you.”

You will never be the same if you stick with this commitment to read through the entire Bible. My favorite verse in today’s read was 42:8:

My servant Job will pray for you, and I will accept his prayer and not deal with you according to your folly. You have not spoken the truth about me, as my servant Job has.

Grace.  He will NOT deal with me according to my folly.

So where is Jesus on this page.  (He is on every page!)

So now take seven bulls and seven rams and go to my servant Job and sacrifice a burnt offering for yourselves.

Remember back in Genesis 3, we saw God provide a substitute for your death when he sacrificed an animal to cover Adam and Eve’s nakedness (sin).  Elihu stated in chapter 33:27 “I have sinned, I have perverted what is right, but I did not get what I deserved”.  Jesus took my death for me.  From the creation there was always a substitute provided for you, the 3 friends’ sins were covered (atoned) by God’s ultimate plan of offering a substitute for them.  In this case, the blood was shed in the form of burnt offering.

Jesus is on every page.


Job 38-39

Well, Job asked for a “trial” to plead his case.  So he finally gets to to take the stand.  However, I think in Job’s head this trial would have gone a little different.  He thought he was going to plead his case.  Instead, he is left speechless!

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Chapter 39: God begins with over 60 rhetorical questions that cannot be answered by humans.

Who? Where? Have you? Do you? Can you?

Does Job truly understand earth’s structure? The forces of the seas? Dawn? The depths of the sea and the gates of death? Light and darkness? Storm? The movement of the constellations? The control of weather? The understanding of wild animals?

Job’s turn to state his case:  ready for it??


The Lord replies:

“Brace yourself like a man; I WILL QUESTION YOU,  and you shall answer me”

I would have needed to change my pants!  God created the universe and all abiotic and biotic factors (trying to impress Ms. Lewis, my science teacher).  I think we forget who God is sometimes (for me,  all the time).  The question is not can he subdue or tame the Leviathan or the Behomeath,  referring to the most wild dangerous creatures of the world.  He doesn’t have to…He CREATED them!

If God is the omniscient Creator, does He really need to explain to us Why, as if we deserve it or are owed it, like He is our equal?  If we think He needs to,  then maybe we don’t trust his judgement like we thought we do?


Job 35-37

  • Elihu

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“When times get bad, people cry out for help.
They cry for relief from being kicked around,
But never give God a thought when things go well”  (The Message)

If you are just jumping in you may wonder why I am quoting The Message version.  If you click above I attached the parallel reading.  I struggle reading Job and I just need a little downgrade on this book.  This is the last read from the “friends” (can I get an Amen).  As much as I am not a fan of ANY of men talking to Job, I did love when Elihu said:
“He pulls water up out of the sea,
    distills it, and fills up his rain-cloud cisterns.
Then the skies open up
    and pour out soaking showers on everyone.
Does anyone have the slightest idea how this happens? 36:27-33
Most of you do not know me, so I will let you know I have a unique job where I have to learn 6th, 7th, and 8th grade curriculum.  A few years ago we did a science project  in my room to show the water cycle.  One of the students said “If the water is evaporating from the ocean, then how come rain doesn’t have salt in it?”  Well, I knew the science answer BUT out of my mouth I may or may not have said “Because God is smart enough to design rain for growing crops and drinking water”.  But I love how Elihu used the words “distills it “.
Every time I teach Science, I see God in the details.
Genesis · Job

Jan 12th Perfect time to start

If you can commit to this without an accountability person..kudos to you!  I am weak and have already made my excuses in my head ” But….I work full time, I have 3 kids, they all play sports, one is graduating this year,  it’s prom week, I am on vacation….”  I have someone in my life who will say “Trish, you want God to be with you ALL day, but you can’t give Him 15 minutes a day!”  So find someone that you love who can punch you in the face like that.   They can jump in today…read Genesis on the plan below.

So here is the schedule for them (or you if you never started this and wish you had)

January 13th: Genesis 1-3 Click for reading
January 14 th: Genesis 4-7 Click for reading
January 15th: Genesis 8-11 Click for reading

If they have spare time or need some visuals with the reading click here (and start at the bottom and scroll up)


Job-32-34 and “friends” recap

I want to now take a moment to talk about the 3 friends one last time now that we heard all their arguments (so glad that is over).  These men were “sources” of information.  Where do you get your “spiritual” “religious” or “biblical” information?   There are 3 inadequate sources some might fall prey to.  (I fall to all 3 😦 )

  • Experience
  • Intellect
  • Tradition

Experience: You determine Truth by your senses, feelings and emotions.  Eliphaz thought wisdom came from his experiences in life, and that he had God all figured out.

Intellect: Zophar! You determine truth by your ability to reason what is right or wrong, good or bad, we use intellect to figure logic.  God did give us a brain, but oh how we use it wrong sometimes.  I think “over thinking” is one of the hardest things not to do.

Tradition:  I don’t care what denomination you are, this is a dangerous authority.  “That is what we do”  You structure your beliefs by what you have inherited.    Our dependence on tradition is a way to clearly escape responsibility for knowing the Word of God. Bilbad did this.

Although all 3 sources can be good in life.  However, they need to be filtered through the Bible.

Click here for the reading.

Elihu, has been there the whole time biting his tongue because he is the “kid” in the room. He can’t take this conversation any longer and explodes.  Am I fan of Elihu? Not really.  He is a bit to brash and dogmatic for me,   I have a Facebook account, if I want people to tell me why I am wrong and what to believe I will read their posts and theology of life.  With that said, Elihu speaks truth and states God is just, and we do not have to know his motives.

Feel free not to agree with me, but the last 2 times I read Job through I didn’t like the 3 friends.  This time I am more upset with Job.  This court case issue, pleasing his case before the Lord.

 “His eyes are on the ways of mortals;
    he sees their every step.
 There is no deep shadow, no utter darkness,
    where evildoers can hide.
 God has no need to examine people further,
    that they should come before him for judgment. (34:21-23)

I probably should not have inserted my opinion on Elihu, so let tell you what I love about him.  He UNDERSTANDS WISDOM surpasses knowledge because of the source!  Wisdom comes from God.

So Elihu son of Barakel the Buzite said:

“I am young in years,
    and you are old;
that is why I was fearful,
    not daring to tell you what I know.
I thought, ‘Age should speak;
    advanced years should teach wisdom.’
But it is the spirit[ in a person,
    the breath of the Almighty, that gives them understanding.
It is not only the old  who are wise,
    not only the aged who understand what is right……

13 Do not say, ‘We have found wisdom;
    let God, not a man, refute him.’


In other words Trish…”You are not someone’s Holy Spirit!”  “Pray or speak truth.  Then get out of the way so you are not a speed bump for God to do his work”



Job 29-31

Job’s Final Defense

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Good morning, it’s Saturday and it does not matter where you live in this country…it’s raining today.  You are going to take the time to find your Bible (the hard copy, not the one online).  If you do not own one, please let me know in “contact” and I would be happy to buy one for you.  I bought my first one EVER in 2006.

Chapter 29:  Underline the pronouns: me, I , my….  Interesting.  Draw your own conclusion.  I think this reading is a recalling of his career.  It appears he may have had a political job or maybe a judge.  BUT the pronouns spoke to me.   Reminds me of a big mistake Moses makes later…(ha, or I make daily)


Chapter 30:  This was a contrast from the end of 29 ‘Then verse Now’  You will see it in verse 1, 9, 16).  As this is his final “defense”, he is back to where he began.  Read closely to really feel how awful, lonely and physically painful Job’s life is.  He is back to pleading his case before God.

Chapter 31:  Oh no.  This is where God got personal for me.  Picture yourself giving your account to the Lord.  I really am a decent person ‘most of the time’.   Right?  Let’s look at some of the promises I have made to the Lord:

  • Sexual Oaths: verse 1-12.  Even though I am happily married (except for last night when Todd was having hoverboard races with a bunch of kids in my kitchen at midnight which explains why this post is so late this morning!)  COVENANT WITH MY EYES.
    • My eyes may have led astray by a good looking person, a Netflix show, a detailed novel I was reading….(daily)
  • Social Justice: 13-23. I could comb through the New Testament for hours right now and pull scripture after scripture to know that I have failed at this!
  • Idolatry  24-28.  Making something more important than God.  Do I put God before my children, my money, my TIME of other things?  (Man, is it hot in here all of a sudden?)
  • Pride: 29-34.  I once heard the root of being discontent is comparing ourselves.  Isn’t that also true about PRIDE.  “If I was his parent…If I had their money…If I had…”   or   “let me tell you everything I have done for…..”  (insert emoji with green stuff coming out of my mouth)

We have ended the 3 rounds speeches on that…

Take a moment to write a small something in the margin of your Bible about how these 3 speeches have changed you.  Yes, changed you.  That’s what God’s Word does. (If you ignored me about getting out your hard copy Bible…write a small note and stick it to your refrigerator)


Job 24-28

Click here for today’s chapters   Switch to any version you like.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t starting to “skim”.   Just keeping it real.

So here I am, reading my Bible…why? Because I want wisdom, and I am skimming??  (Oh the humanity!  I am worse than Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar)

Wisdom?  What is it?  My research books are scattered on my desk, so I decided to look it up.   Here are some:

Wisdom: the ability to make good use of knowledge. (NIV)

Wisdom: knowledge, understanding, applying knowledge and insights to life situations. (Henrietta Mears) God-given ability, rather than human common sense.

Wisdom: using facts I know and truths I understand to make right decisions in my daily life. (Children’s Bible)

Very Interesting.  Some words that stood out to me…Use, applying, God-given, using, decisions, and daily life.   Many of us have people in our lives that are so smart, know the Bible, extremely educated, but are they wise?  or just knowledgeable?

Job 28:20 says “Where then does wisdom come from? Where does understanding dwell? then in vs 28 it say “The fear of the Lord-that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding”   (I now see the connection of the “application use”)

Back to the Dictionary: Fear of the Lord?  It says ”profound reverence and awe toward God, or to think of God with awe and wonder because I understand His great power.  The Hebrew word (Strongs Concodanance) used originally in Scripture was  yir’ah, which is a noun..meaning  A RESPECT.

If you think you can get this Wisdom from anything we can do, think again Romans 3:22 says “This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus”.   

So it is our faith that allows God to take our knowledge and transform it into wisdom for use and application in our everyday life.

Go back to the first Chapter and the conversation between God and Satan.  How does God describe Job

8 Then the LORD said to Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil.” The original words in Hebrew for blameless and upright are Tam (meaning good moral sense, the same word later to describe Jacob) and  yashar (meaning straight or level).

God never said he was  sinless.  God said he is Wise.


Job 21-23

  • Job replies to Zophar
  • Final comment from Eliphaz
  • Job’s reply

Click here for the Reading.  Choose any version you prefer.

A friend, let’s nickname her “Coach”, asked a really good question that I probably should have explained earlier.  Why are we reading Job now?  Well, we don’t know when it was written but what we do know is this is one of the oldest pieces of literature.  We know the story of Job is ancient because when history occurs it is not written about just once.  (That’s how we know the Bible is history, not just a string of stories.)  This story was recorded by other authors from their vantage point (just like the Gospel).  The Akkadian,  (about 1800 BC), The  Poem of the Righteous Sufferer (about 1600 BC), are 2 examples.   This story needs to be told before the Patriarchs because Job’s arguments are from his Faith!  He did not have ancestors that witnessed the parting of the Red Sea or manna falling from the sky.  Job’s faith is real and innate.

This book may be the OLDEST piece of literature but just as relevant today.  God’s Word is timeless. All 66 books.  Anyway, let’s dig in.

“Why does good stuff happen to bad people and bad stuff happen to good people”…timeless question!!

Why do the wicked live on,
    growing old and increasing in power?
They see their children established around them,
    their offspring before their eyes.
Their homes are safe and free from fear;
    the rod of God is not on them.
10 Their bulls never fail to breed;
    their cows calve and do not miscarry.
11 They send forth their children as a flock;
    their little ones dance about.
12 They sing to the music of timbrel and lyre;
    they make merry to the sound of the pipe.
13 They spend their years in prosperity
    and go down to the grave in peace.
14 Yet they say to God, ‘Leave us alone!
    We have no desire to know your ways.
15 Who is the Almighty, that we should serve him?
    What would we gain by praying to him?’

I actually underlined the whole chapter.  I live in a constant state of “Why God?”  Even though I know the ‘scripture’ answers or the Christian tag phrases to the answers, the info doesn’t always travel from my brain to my heart.

What did you think of Elipaz’s little speech in Chapter 22?  Sounds like something you hear on TV today huh?  Maybe at 2 am in the morning.  22:1 says “Submit to God and be at peace with him, in this way prosperity will come to you”  (just dial 1-888…. and have your credit card ready)

Chapter 23.  I am not sure if Job fully understands the difference between blameless and sinless. He may be righteous but he is not sinless.  But what I do know is months have gone by and Job is not waiting for God anymore, he is earnestly seeking him!!


“But if I go to the east, he is not there;
    if I go to the west, I do not find him.
When he is at work in the north, I do not see him;
    when he turns to the south, I catch no glimpse of him.
10 But he knows the way that I take;
    when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.
11 My feet have closely followed his steps;
    I have kept to his way without turning aside.
12 I have not departed from the commands of his lips;
    I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread.


Job 17-20

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Let me be transparent.  It is day 5 of Job and I am already looking at the calendar to see how long I will be reading Job.  What is wrong with me?  It has been only 5 days (and I am healthy, with my family, sitting on a couch).   Why am I complaining, this is Job’s circumstances…

13 “He has alienated my family from me;
    my acquaintances are completely estranged from me.
14 My relatives have gone away;
    my closest friends have forgotten me.
15 My guests and my female servants count me a foreigner;
    they look on me as on a stranger.
16 I summon my servant, but he does not answer,
    though I beg him with my own mouth.
17 My breath is offensive to my wife;
    I am loathsome to my own family.
18 Even the little boys scorn me;
    when I appear, they ridicule me.
19 All my intimate friends detest me;
    those I love have turned against me.
20 I am nothing but skin and bones;
    I have escaped only by the skin of my teeth.

There has been a change again in Job’s replies.  First, he just wanted to die.  Then he spoke of wanting a witness, an advocate, an intercessor to plead his case for him while he is alive.  Now, he wants , I mean KNOWS, that he will see God face to face:

Chapter 19 (Job is speaking) verse 25-27

25 I know that my redeemer lives,
    and that in the end he will stand on the earth.
26 And after my skin has been destroyed,
    yet in my flesh I will see God;
27 I myself will see him
    with my own eyes—I, and not another.
    How my heart yearns within me!

The word redeem, redeemer, or redemption is used 149 times in the Old Testament.  I know we use these “Christianese” words all the time but let’s look at it for a minute:

  • brings back something that was lost or taken away
  • restored to original state
  • one charged with the duty of restoring the rights of another and avenging his wrongs.
  • someone who redeems or buys back
  •  to compensate for or cancel out the faults of
  • bought back

Let’s take a step back for a minute before we start humming the Hillsong version of “My Redeemer Lives”.  These are ancient times.  Job does not have the scriptures, a pastor, a church, a Lifeway (well, we really don’t have a Lifeway anymore) to learn about redemption.  The Hebrew word Job is using for redeemer is gaal-a near relative whose role is to assist a family in dire straights like lost property, murder, or lack of a kinsman.  This “family advocate” or “righter of wrongs” is what Job was referring to. Job is confident that the gaal is alive and ready to take up his case for him, BUT Job will, with his own eyes, see God face to face.  (Because we do not live in ancient time, we know who the real Gaal is!!!!)

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Job 14-16

Click here for NIV (or change the version to your preference)

Click here for The message “this is dialogue reading..spice it up”

  • Job continues
  • Eliphaz round two
  • Job (more blunt than ever)

I took a course at Lifeway once called “Help, I am not a councilor”. Code for “What NOT to say when someone is in a trial”.  I learned that I say EVERYTHING WRONG that could possibly be said.  One of the reason’s this dialogue is difficult is the 3 amigos weave in some truths and it is hard to discern at times.  That is what I see Christians doing often.  They weave scripture into their advice to make it sound foundation.

Job’s advice givers  decided to use this as an opportunity to “teach” “preach” or “rebuke” Job.  And in Job 16, Job says:

 1-5 Then Job defended himself:

“I’ve had all I can take of your talk.
What a bunch of miserable comforters!
Is there no end to your windbag speeches?
What’s your problem that you go on and on like this?
If you were in my shoes,
I could talk just like you.
I could put together a terrific harangue
and really let you have it.
But I’d never do that. I’d console and comfort,
make things better, not worse!

Am I a comfort to my friends in need in trial?  Hmmmm. Or am I a windbag?  I have been a christian for 14 years, and each year I am reminded that wisdom and sanctification comes only from God.  First of all, I don’t know their heart!  Second, I am not the Holy Spirit.

Now for the GOOD part.  The Foreshadow of Christ. If you have not done your reading yet Image result for stop sign and let it fall fresh on you from your Bible first:

16:19 Even now my witness is in heaven;
my advocate is on high.
20 My intercessor is my friend
as my eyes pour out tears to God;
21 on behalf of a man he pleads with God
as one pleads for a friend.