1 Chronicles

1 Chonicles 1-2

Let’s begin!!

Verse 1-3- These are straight from Genesis 5.  Read down the right side for the Hebrew meaning.


THEN…The flood

Questions about Noah's Flood - creation.com

Verse 4- Noah’s 3 Sons

  • Japheth- Gentiles (Me and You)
  • Ham- (Pig)- Cursed Nation  (Enemies)
  • Shem-“S”-Salvation- Adam to Jesus

Noah Japheth Shem Ham Cush Nimrod – Musicians4Freedom

The Legacy of Noah's Sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth

Genesis chapter 9 happened-remember Ham was the brother that disrespected Noah when he was drunk and naked- so his family line becomes the cursed nation

verse 17- Of the three sons, the one the Chronicler will focus on is Shem.  This family line will continue all the way to Mary and the birth of Christ.


Red Circle: Joktan’s genealogy that is known in the Bible before “the earth was divided”- The scattering after the tower of Babel occured.

Blue Circle: Peleg’s genealogy that is known in the Bible which continues down to the time of Christ

Verse 28: The Family of Abraham

Bible Old Testament Abraham's Family Tree Genealogy, PNG, 1701x1134px, Bible, Abraham, Abrahams Family Tree, Covenant, Diagram Download Free

V:35 Esau’s sons (see above)

V:38The people of Seir (before they were called Edomites, their pre-name was Seir)

V:43 The Rulers of Edom:  So why are we talking about the ENEMIES of the Israelites.-Th Edomites.

Well, first we need to know who they are…and who they are not!

  • The Edomites are the family line of Abraham right? BUT are they in the family line of David?  No.  He might be Abraham’s grandson but Jacob stole the Covenant line.  These were the kings that ruled when the Israelites whined…”we want a king like the other people do” in Judges.  This was who they took their example from??

Genesis Week 10 – Joseph's Slavery God's Promises “Now Joseph had ...

Chapter 2- Israel’s Sons. (Jacob’s Sons)

Do we start with SON #1 Reuben? NO- He slept with Dad’s Concubine!

Do we start with SON #2 Simeon? NO- He and his brother Levi told the Shechamites to get circumcised so they can marry into their family and then killed them all while they were healing to avenge the rape of their sister.

Do we start with SON #3 Levi? NO- Because of the above reason BUT they did redeem themselves at the golden calf debacle so they get to be the Priesthood

Do we start with SON #4 Judah? YES!  Judah will be the one who gets the blessing of the Covenant!

(By the way, if we were together in person you would be laughing your butt off at me….I would be drawing and circling names all over the place….”Remember Onan….the pull and pray contraception guy”.  HOT MESS I AM!  Maybe we should ZOOM this lesson!!!  Oh the Humanity!!!)

Also…If you really are reading these (I bet my husband just says he is… you should recognize things like JOAB right above this and the brothers..we just read about this! (the translation on the above visual ‘Chelubai”=”Caleb”.

So overall, the big question is can you look at the picture below and explain it?  NOT every detail, but in general.

What two nations were Jacob and Esau? - Quora



6 thoughts on “1 Chonicles 1-2

  1. I just replied to a comment on the overview from last night to Kay and I wanted to share it with you. “I hope when you read today you can look at something like genealogy and not feel lost like a ball in weeds. It’s not about knowing every name, it is about knowing which line to follow. Like a maze….”nope-that way is a dead end….yup this way will get us there”. It is all about the Covenant. Soon the Kingdom is going to divide and only one of them makes it through the maze…the one with the Covenant. You and I, believers in Christ are on the line that makes it to the end…Heaven.

    If you feel like that ball in the weeds-please comment your question. You can put a fake name in if it makes you feel more comfortable! But chances are your question is the same one someone else has too.

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    1. I listened to some of the genealogy chapters twice because I realized I kept zoning out partially through. I would perk up when the name was familiar.


  2. Thanks for explaining who the people of Seir were. I kept going back to the previous verses trying to find this name thinking I skipped it but couldn’t find it and it was really bugging me.
    Thanks again for all your hard work on this!


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